The Lord is my Strength

“Some may boast on horses and some may boast on chariots but I will boast on the Name of the Lord my God.” (Psalm 20:7).

When I look down the memory lane, there are countless reasons I could thank God for, but I would like to testify about two areas where God has blessed me. First was in my academics. During my school days, I was a student with bad grades. I had no history of ranks during my 12th, but by His grace I passed my public exams with a decent percentage and enrolled myself in Karunya University for Engineering. A fear of failure gripped my heart when I looked at everyone around me. Being the 7th and youngest child of my family, staying away from my home for the first time seemed to be a nightmare.

But, God started strengthening me through His word in the prayer cells, morning assembly and the department prayers. He guided me in my academics and thus a girl who had no history of ranks during 12th, graduated as a Computer Engineer with ‘no history of arrears’ in 2012. He gave me a placement in Infosys Limited, as systems engineer and He helped me to start earning even before I could graduate. God did not stop there; He had higher plans and brought me back to Karunya University to do MBA in 2013. Even now, during my MBA, I can see God’s hand on everything that I do. Once again God proved to be faithful by giving me placement in ‘Mars’ an American global food manufacturer known for its chocolates & chewing gums. Not just in my academics, He also blessed me spiritually. It was here in Karunya God gave me opportunities to lead worship and minister to people through Bethesda and various outreach programs. He lifted me from the miry clay and put me on the Rock. If God could use me, He can also use you. The prayer and love of my parents has always been my backbone. The memories and friendships I carry with me from Karunya are the best ones that I would cherish all my life. I thank God for all the blessings in my life.

- Ms. Blessing Stella (2013–2015 M.B.A)
Karunya University Business School

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