Pain is an unbearable one. For some, it strikes at unexpected times, while for the others, it haunts them as a regular uninvited guest. Either way, when pain comes, we feel like someone stuck in a block of ice, freezing and waiting for help.

Pain leaves us forlorn. We look for help from anyone or to anything that could relieve the pain. Well, this is how I would feel whenever a headache would haunt me, more than twice in a week. This annoying pain right from my neck would seer through the veins all the way to my head and my eyes, gripping me and making me paralyzed and unable to accomplish anything that day. I would almost be rendered helpless.

It would frustrate me so much that I would shout to God that famous question "why Lord, why?"

In the peak of my pain I would say to my parents and friends "This is it. I can't do anything today till this headache leaves me.” By doing so, I started to accept it to be a part of me unknowingly. We tend to do that many times, don't we?

But here's the thing. I found out that we don't have to live that way.

I found the secret to lose the pain in a car ride's journey.

One day, I found myself having that blinding pain again right from my shoulders to my eyes. I was just curled up in a corner, sealing the pain within me, holding my head tightly with my fingers. I tried hard to swallow the pain and pretended to be cool.

Hours passed, but the pain didn't give up on me rather started hurting me more.

That's when it happened. We were on a car journey to visit some friends.

Are you ready for it? Here we go...

In the car ride, I was isolated from the conversation of my family as usual and I was feeling frustrated as the headache was always ruining my social life. Resting my head on the back rest of the car seat, I decided to fight back this time (something which I had never done before). I have heard about the instant miracles that happened to others. That day was my day to own one.

I started to speak to the headache "Enough is enough; It's time for you to leave now." After all, miracles happen by just one touch from God.

When I started fighting it, I started to feel the form of headache. It was as if I was in a tug of war against a person. The more I angered it, the more it pressed harder and it was then I decided to pull out my secret weapon.

Yes, it was time to switch on GOD'S MODE. The Holy Spirit filled me and empowered me.

My perspective about the pain changed. I was filled with the confidence and the bravery of a skilled warrior, going for a battle, all pumped-up and ready to fight or like a superhero, who knows he's much stronger than the enemy in-front of him. I realized how David would've felt, standing before Goliath.

Of course it wasn't me, but Christ within me rising up and taking control.

I started claiming the name of Jesus again and again and asked the headache to leave and told it that it had no power over me. I started boldly proclaiming that I was protected by the blood of Jesus Christ recognizing the victory, Jesus won on the cross to set me free. I claimed God's Promises from the Scriptures. Truly enough, I saw that tight grasp of the pain slipping away. It had no more control or authority over me.

And surely enough ladies and gentlemen, by the time we reached the end of the ride, IT WAS GONE! Hallelujah. I have been set free of this oppression prematurely for the first time in my life. I felt like I was the king of the world and that I could conquer anything and everything with God's power!

Don’t succumb to your pain be it any, turn on GOD'S MODE and drive it away!

…in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Romans 8:37